Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Trend 2013; Sleepwear as Day Wear......

So I was browsing the mall last week searching for a birthday gift for my niece and how I ended up in the women's department from the kids department is beyond me (insert sheepish smile here lol) ok digressing way too early here... Anyhow, I noticed the materials on the women's fashion line almost felt a little too familiar...yes ladies, your sateen and silk sleep wear has been given the green light to be worn at day time and not just around the house, wear it outdoors and pair it with some cute accessories to avoid those strange stares on the streets lol.
Of course, pulling this look is not an easy task, one must have confidence and imaginative eye to pull this look off...

Here are a few looks picked off of Fashion Week's look book :)
Capture and claim the "sleepwear to day-wear" trend incorporating a feminine but mysterious or alluringly dark look.
 A few looks seen on the runways that can be worn stylishly outside your abode at least for me anyway are the ones from Marc Jacobs for a night out on town, I love mini dresses as it is and these pieces paired with a smokey eyes and/or a bold red lips, I think are definitely wearable for night out and doubles as a night in when you return home and don't feel like changing or just too "tipsy" to change :)
Marc Jacobs

If you're looking for more of a daytime option, you may be able to pull the lightweight one piece jumpsuits from Julien David's runway or the more relaxed pieces from Rochas.
Rocha                                            Julien David
Additional key point to bare in mind when pulling off the PJ look is to separate your outfit and look from your bedroom. Meaning, sans the fluffy slippers as well as the "real" bed hair (at least make it look like you put an effort to make it look like a bed hair lol)
Instead, rock your PJ pieces with what you would wear on a night out with the girls, I'm talking heels/boots, Bold Lips, Smokey Eyes and of course when in doubt, dress it up with diamonds ;) ok ok that might be just me but..... drape your neck with sparkles and/or drop pearl earrings for a more demure look.
Still uncertain?!?!? Throw on a modernized vintage coat over your PJ's a'la Rocha's look below. And if you're still not sold on the full on pajama look outdoors, start slow with one piece at a time, like silk pj top with a heavy trendy skirt or pants or a tailored blazer/top with a silk pj pants :)

Would you brave the trend and wear your PJ's outdoors for Fashion's sake? I certainly would ;)
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