Friday, September 27, 2013

TIPS-Y Friday; Jalapeno Hair Serum (DIY)

So this is suppose to be an old wive's tales from Mexico, and when you think of the properties of jalapeno, it just makes sense. And who doesn't want to grow and thicken their mane? I mean I know I definitely do :) if you wanna indulge in this DIY' here's what you will be needing...
What you need
1 jalapeño, sliced thinly
1/4 cup tequilla

What to do
Steep the jalapeños in the tequila overnight. Wearing gloves, saturate cotton balls with the tonic to apply it to a dry scalp before bed. Let sit overnight. In the morning, shampoo and style as usual. Repeat nightly.

Logic behind this DIY
Just as spicy food flushes your face, jalapeños, when applied topically, help to increase circulation to the skin’s surface, encouraging new hair growth – and that’s the secret to this DIY beauty recipe! Combined with tequila, it cleanses and tone your scalp, which ensures your the pores on your scalp are primed for hair growth. Be extremely careful not to let the mixture seep down your face or in your eyes....
If all else fails, add a margarita mix and enjoy a refreshing jalapeno margarita :) SALUD!!

Would you give this serum a "shot"? ;)
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