Monday, September 30, 2013

Fitness: Loose weight without breaking a sweat..

Did you know that you don't have t break a single sweat to loose weight?? I mean, who really likes to sweat and smell salty anyway right?!?!...
Anyhow, you CAN exercise and loose weight effectively without sweating :).
How you ask? Well, Pounds are shed from burning off calories and not from pouring out sweat, typically a misconception but it does work hand in hand..

Facts about Weight Loss.....

Each pound is worth 3,500 calories, meaning you have to burn off additional 3,500 calories that your body uses to loose a single pound. The only way for a productive weight loss is to either cut back or burn off more calories than you consume and it really doesn't matter if you're body is sweating in the process or not.
Of course the most efficient way to loose weight is through a healthy diet and regular exercise and anyone can adopt a healthy diet and lose weight, however, you must be able to recognize what compromises a healthy diet.....For the sake of sticking to the topic of sweat, I will deviate from this subject and save it for next week's post :) I know, I know I digress...

Effectively, exercise and weight loss is far more productive when combined simultaneously because your body heightens the burning rate when you're mobile and active. Sitting at an idle state burns a little under 80 calories per hour (no sweat involved lol) but amping it up a bit with say, swimming which can help you burn about a little over 500 calories and technically, does NOT count as sweating, ramp it even higher with a 10mph run for an hour and you will burn a whopping 900+ calories but of course, that definitely involves sweating :) 

So why do we sweat? Our body is covered with eccrine sweat glands, which are involved in regulating our body's temperature. These glands are responsible in cooling our body when it reaches higher than normal temperature, releasing sweat on the surface of our skin when we get hot.

There you have it, choose your weight loss options with no sweat/minimal or full on sweat session to loose that extra pound :)

Do you have a simple, calorie burning secret you would like to share?
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