Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beauty Haul; Most Coveted release this fall....Urban Decay's VICE 2 Palette

It's that time... Another reason why I love Autumn are the palette releases from every single beauty line company and the first few picks of what I'm sure many hauls, is the Urban Decay's Vice 2 Palette. It's no secret I have been a huuuuuuugggee fan of Urban Decay period! and every year they come out with a palette, I have to pick up one or two, maybe three depending on the budget lol....
Palettes are perfect for many reasons, they're great for trying out new shades before committing to purchasing a full size of it, compact to store instead of having a ton of singles floating around your vanity, and much much cheaper than buying them single panned. Around this time is the best time to pick up palettes when all the beauty companies come out with their holiday palettes.
So on with the thoughts and swatches of this coveted palette!!!
This palette retails at $59.00 at Ulta/Sephora and comes with 20 super pigmented eye shadows (mostly shimmery and a few matte) and a synthetic double ended shadow and blending brush. I love that they added a huge mirror on the palette as well. Kinda bummed that they didn't add their usual shadow primer though lol (got spoiled from the other ones lol) but still worth the $59.00 because I know I will get sooo much use out of this palette.

Overall, I would definitely give this palette a "GO GET IT" thumbs up. Aside from it being richly pigmented, true-to-pan color, it also has very minimal fallout as the textures are so smooth, almost buttery and the color pay off is ahhhh mazing (just as the other UD palettes I own) The colors are also long wearing, I'd still use the primer potion specially if you have an oily lids as this prevents creasing and helps bring out it's true pigment on the lids from the pan.
They also did a great job on the jeweled packaging with the button release lid and plastic encasing with a large mirror (yeah I know I mentioned that already lol)

So for some price justification... :) (I actually thought this was an amazing price lol) Urban Decay single shadows retails at about $18 each for .05oz of products, There are 20 shades at .030z of products per pan in the palette so 59/20 comes out to you only paying $2.95 per shadow...idk about you but I say that's a grrrrrreeeeat buy :)

 Swatches time....All shades were swatched without any primer on bare skin.

I created two looks that I thought would be a day time wear and a more dramatic one for a night look.,
These looks were created at the end of the day so the lashes are not so perfect but they are still curled ;) I also just used my foundation as a base so primer just for the sake of showing a few look from the palette. I used purple and green because it's the perfect hues to complement and really make any brown eyes pop.

For the Day look:
I used Habit, a matte light skin tone all over the lid up to the base of the brow.
Then used Rewind, another matte soft brown as my transition color just above the crease for lift.
Placed Strike on the inner third of the lid, Betrayal on the middle third and Voodoo on the outer crease.
With a flat definer brush, I placed Smokeout on the 2/3 of the upper lash line and about a third of the lower lash line.

For the more dramatic look:
Sweep Habit all over the lid
Pat Damaged with a flat synthetic brush all over the lids staying right under the crease.
Use a clean blending brush to blend and bring up a little of that color above the green to have a diffused look.
Use a flat definer brush to pick up Lovesick and run it across the crease, upper and lower lash line and blend. 
Use another clean definer/liner brush to pick up some more Damaged and place on your waterline.
Blend Blend Blend!!!
I would normally add a pair of falsies with this look but since I was just doing it for demo look, I sans the falsies and amped up my lashes with some lengthening mascara instead.

What do you think of this palette?
Please comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don't forget to socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ......sharing is beauty-ful :) 

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