Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Product Rant or Rave; Rimmel London's POP your look mascara

I was doing a CVS run on a Monday afternoon and was browsing the makeup isle in an attempt to pick up some of the newly released "Butterfly Mascara" from L'Oreal and I couldn't help my self when I bumped into this display of POP mascara by Rimmel London. They retail for 3.99 at your local CVS/Walgreens. They are limited edition for Fall (hence the necessity of me trying it lol) I only picked up the 3 of 4 shades they have because I have a plethora of black ones in my arsenal already so didn't really have any justification for picking up another one specially if I was originally picking up the butterfly already, Anyway, pardon the prattle.... I have the Pop Turquoise, Pop Purple and Pop Green. I love all the colors but I gravitated towards the Turquoise more than the other two, probably because they seemed to bring out the brown hue of my iris more than the other two. Also, the Turquoise has a bit of shimmer to it than the green or purple, they come out more matte.
It takes about 3 coats to really see the color pop on my dark brown-almost black lashes so if you have a blond or lighter lash color, I would say it will show up more vividly.
The formula is nothing to rave about and claims to Volumize, Lengthen and Curl...Again a whole lot of promise for 3.99, if you ask me and it seemed just as that (read more about my other mascara review here)... It did not provide any volume, it did lengthen a little but prior to applying I curled my straight lashes and after one coat it flattened it right back to straight and had to turn to my go to heated lash curler to curl them back up. It also started to get clumpy after third coat, but the heated lash curler definitely help melt the mascara and smooth out the clump so I suggest using a heated lash curler after the third coat and apply a fourth to add more length and more color.
Another tip to bring out the vibrant color of this mascara is using a mascara primer (I used Lancolm's Cils Booster). The white base really helped in making the mascara color pop specially when your lashes are dark like mine.
As far as longevity, I think it's fairly long wearing. I had it on for a good 6-7 hours and it didn't smear, melt or smudge. (although, that may be credited to the use of a heated lash curler). Easily washes off with your makeup remover or soap and water.
So overall, It's neither a Rant nor Rave because if you enjoy a little pop of color on your lashes, it's definitely a nice way to add that, and much cheaper alternative to test out before committing the higher end brands, for under $5 it's totally worth it even just to play around.. if nothing else, you can also just streak it sporadically on your hair for a fun twist =) Sidenote; Halloween is around the corner so may be a good time to test it out, personally I wouldn't mind rocking this every now and then when a night, day, situation calls for it =)
Below is just a quick demo of the Pop Turquoise on the upper lash and the Pop Green on the lower lash.

Would you buy into this Fall's hype of tinted mascara??
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  1. Love how you mixed the mascara! Been looking for a cheap great colored mascara.
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