Monday, October 7, 2013

Fitness; Detoxifying Drink Recipe

I have had a pretty eventful month so far, ummm yeah it's only the first week of October.. I mean that should tell you how bad my eating habits have been. The first week of October is usually reserved for a festive birthday celebration for my brother and sister's bday dinner....until, 2nd weekend is my nephew's bday weekend, then the 3rd week/end is for my niece and brother in law's bday celebration....and if you are familiar with Filipino feasts, it ALWAYS includes carbs, fats, bbq, sweets and ummmm more carbs weekend sooooo.... in an attempt to uhhh dilute the unwanted sugars and detoxify the unnecessary junk out of my system, I strive to keep a pitcher of this detoxifying drink in the fridge to drink in between these festive weekends :) It's actually quite refreshing and works :)
Enjoy this refreshing, detoxifying water :)

4-5 fresh lemon (Squeezed/ring sliced) Can be subbed with grapefruit
whole cucumber (ring sliced)
bowl/handful or mint leaves (whole leaves or chopped/sliced-my preference, stronger flavor)
pitcher of distilled/filtered drinking water
***Brew overnight and drink it in place of your water (or at least 3-4 glasses throughout the day), to flush out impurities out of your system.***

Would you try this drink? How do you detox??!?!?
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