Thursday, October 24, 2013

Skin Care Products I'm Loving Right Now...Autumn Edition

So my obsession about skin care (with all the new products that are in the market promising great results) continues...
I mean I have sooo many products in my arsenal but I have narrowed it down to my current top faves to share with you.

With the Autumn season finally breathing it's cold breeze upon us, I have switched back to my creamier face wash which is my Philosophy Purity to remove my makeup and and in the morning I use the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle cleanser just to remove the night's build up (yes you can have a build up throughout the night lol).

For Toner, I have rekindled my love for Lancome's Tonique Radiance after I cleanse at night and in the morning, I use Murad's Essential C Toner to prep for my serum and moisturizer application.

My Serum routines have grown exponentially over the years and I have been rotating a few favorites for the sake of not allowing my skin to get used to one product and right now I am really loving these serums, cremes and peptides. At night after I tone, I use Dr Brandt's Wrinkle Release cream on my forehead, Yes I have 3 stubborn line that refuses to diminish, and with using this cream twice a day I've noticed that the lines are smoother and almost disappearing so I guess the cream works =) then for the rest of my face I use the Ole Henricksen Enlighten Me Skin Tone Corrector or Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz Serum followed with Tarte's Maracuja Oil.

For my daytime, I use Ole Henricksen Truth Serum accompanied by the Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil and have recently incorporated Lancome's DreamTone to finish. These combo gives my skin a brightening and hydrated effect that allows my makeup to apply and blend effortlessly. Of course it goes without saying during the daytime routine an SPF is a must and my current fave is the Shisheido Oil-Free UV Protector with SPF 42 to prevent any more spots/freckles on my cheeks., yup the Miami sun has definitely done a number on my skin =\

For my under-eye darkness issues, I have been loving the Lancome Genefique Eye Cream for my night routine and pat it under eye and around my orbital bone up to my lid and for my daytime, I pat Kinerase C8 Peptide Under Eye treatment on you guessed it, under my eye. (Don't put cream on your lid, it WILL crease up your makeup, and if you do, make sure you use an eye shadow primer and/or base to keep it from creasing.)
Another Lancome product that I have also gone back to using is the Pure Empreinte Masque ($35-3.4oz), This mask has been a staple on my vanity for my once a week beauty treatment but have strayed once I discovered the Glam Glow ($19-.5oz/$69-1.7oz) which I've decided to just use it sparingly on special occasion so I picked up the Lancome to alternate for my regular once a week. I've also picked up this Boots No7 Energizing mask from Target for $16.99 and it's a peel off mask that I use more frequently like every other day (yes, gentle enough to use that frequent) or on the days I really don't want to wear makeup, it's perfect for a BB/CC cream days.
I think that's it... I know that's a LOT of products but you know there's always logic behind my madness lol, as much as I love makeup, there are some days that I want to walk around bare faced with just the essential moisturizers and SPF with no makeup and just be care free and when I do wear makeup, I want it to look flawless and my makeup does not look good if my skin doesn't but mainly, I want age gracefully :)

What are your products to combat free radicals and anti-aging?
 Please comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don't forget to share & socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ......stay beauty-full :)

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