Friday, October 11, 2013

TIPS-Y Friday; Lipstick + Concealer= Perfect Orange Corrector

So this one time at an on-location gig...pause...(go ahead have your American Pie moment lol) Ok, are you back?!? lol... Anyhow, I had cleaned out my kit the night before heading out to my morning gig and I had forgotten my corrector palette, and thought eh no big deal, I just hope none of the clients suffer from bad under eye circles or at least very minimal....ummmm of course that would be theeee most perfect scenario right?!?!? So turned out I have 2 girls with really dark under eye circles, one fairly light olive skin and the other darker, yellow undertone olive skin. I've always been more of a corrector fan than concealer as it usually comes out ashy on darker skin. Soooo if you are ever faced with this same predicament, here's a lil trick that I found to work really really well and have saved me more than once and of course that one particular day =)

Have you tried this trick before? How did it work for you?
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