Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Trend; One Jacket Five Looks...and a bonus =)

So waaayyyy before even Autumn poked it's head into the season, I have already began my search for that perfect Fall jacket that I know I can get many use out of, functional and not necessarily have to sell a kidney to buy =\ and this season..... the Structured Jacket has made it's way back in from last year's and I am ecstatic to say the least...
I have been on a hunt for a piece like this for oh I say, a good 3-4 months now lol... yeah I was that serious, I really didn't have any particular color or style in mind and I just thought "eh I will know when I see it" Don't lie, you know you have been there lol.... On a mall stroll with one of the bestie one day and in we go into H&M (one of my weaknesses...) looked around, tried about 5-6 jackets and they were all ehh... then close to the register as I was about to give up, I see this cream colored, exposed silver piping structured blazer....BAM!!! yup that's the one....picked it up, paid for it, quiet happy with the purchase (I think it was $39.95 idk?!?!) and we were walking out when the mannequin on my left "accidentally" tapped me on my shoulder and of course I turned and all I saw was the asymmetrical zipper!!! Anyone who knows me knows I have an obsession with zippers lol (don't judge me lol) Aaannnnddd a bargain at $19.95 C'mon, you're telling me you wouldn't?? So that is what I chose to feature on today's topic.... A $19.95 Asymmetrical zipper, Structured Cropped Velvet Jacket and 5 ways to wear them for Fall :)

Of course accessories, scarves and shoes pairings are just as important in completing these looks. The layering possibilities are definitely endless which is what I love about Fall/Winter Fashion Season.

H&M $19.95

Wore this for a day of errand-running and then visited my niece and sis for lunch/dinner and my niece's first comment was, "Auntie, are you coming from a date?" Umm of course I wasn't but hey if my niece thought it was good enough for a date then maybe I ought to try it sometimes :)

This is a great transition look from Summer to Fall. The orange and black has always been one of my favorite pairings for fall.

This was a perfect pair with Fall's plum note and faux leather trim on the neck line matching the faux leather pants. Rock this with a leather pump/booties, silver/black/gunmetal toned accessories, muted/neutral smokey eyes and vampy plum/red lips and you're good to go =)

I don't know where you're at but here in So Cal, Our "Fall" is not really a Fall weather like all other states lol.. We don't have the orange leaves, bald trees, or the nippy weather so sometimes you can still get away with wearing shorts lol... so for those days that we have say upper 70's, this is definitely my go-to look with either a jeweled flats/wedge during the day time or stiletto's at night.

Of course, this would not be complete if I didn't add MORE zippers to the lineup :) Peplum and Zippers need I say more?? :) Pair this with a bootie or stilettos to showcase the zipper detail at the hem :)

***Bonus, I am going to a late lunch/early dinner with a long time high school friend today and stumbled upon this jump suit and decided to pair it with a bootie (I think I'll go with the closed toe one) and my H&M jacket :)

 Well I hope you found my finds insightful and feel free to share your Fall Fashion find.

Is there an item/s you are hunting for this Fall/Winter Season?
Please comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don't forget to share & socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ......stay beauty-full :)

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