Thursday, September 12, 2013

Skin Care; More Autumn Skin Care

Yessss More Skin Care Regimen to consider..
As much as some of you (using "you" loosely because I am actually looking forward to Autumn ;) lol) would want to stay and bask in the summer's glowing heat and outdoor fun, but.... WE all need to consider the damages that summer rays' usually comes. Autumn/Winter months are usually the months for our skin to repair and rebuild those damages, when we are typically indoors and/or wrapped up in sweaters and such...
Antioxidants and Gentle Acne Treatment should become your best friend during these cooler months. Antioxidant-rich skin care products are usually labelled as "Anti-aging" and sounds soooo......aging?!?!? but I have always been an advocate of "Preventative" routine.. hey if you can slow down the process and give your own version to "aging gracefully" then why not right? As long as I don't have to go under the knife or start injecting my face with botox, I am all in...but then again, to each it's own.. I am not against all that but I for one, have yet to consider those options til hopefully later lol...In the meantime, I will continue to rock with my friends, Ole Henricksen, Dr. Murad  and Dr. Peter Thomas Roth at Sephora lol. View some of my faves below :)
Sephora $55
Sephora $56
Sephora $40
For the Eyes and Lips, which are usually the worst impacted with the weather's dryness. Use a moisturizing eye treatment that are emollient to hydrate your delicate orbital area. I am in love with these two eye creams from La Mer (Eye Concentrate for dark circles & Eye Balm Intense for de-puffing and lifting) and of course my holy grail of all eye cream (at the moment anyway, because it treats both dark circles, de-puffs and lifts, I am sure I am bound to find something later lol) Caudalie.
Nordstrom $185

Nordstrom $185

Sephora $98
Lip protector-wise you can use whatever works for you, I personally just use Vit-E Oil at bedtime and EOS, Chapstick (classic cherry) or Burts Bees lip balms during the day.
Autumn can be just as enjoyable as Summer for your skin, you just have to make a few adjustment to compensate for the season's weather as well as the radicals absorbed during the summer to carry on that glow towards the cold season :)
Do you have a secret weapon to combat the colder season's hydrating challenges? 
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