Monday, September 16, 2013

Health; Food you should avoid when sick

So this weekend was a complete dud for me as it left me bed ridden with the cold and missed a waterpark fun day with the fam at Knott's Soaked City :( I mean seriously?!?! it couldn't have come Sunday or Monday even? smh.. I felt it creeping up Friday afternoon but ignored it and thought it would go away by the time we leave for the waterpark....NOT!!! Had my waterpark duffle all packed and ready for a family fun day with nieces and nephews, cousins and siblings and then....6AM Saturday morning, it hits me.....Sooooo vexed!! no choice but to just shrug this off and lay it down all weekend.. 
While bed ridden, I was left with noooo appetite at all but I know I had to eat something at some point and I know it's common sense to some but for others, one may not know what to avoid when they are sick. I know some of these items listed I definitely didn't know I shouldn't be eating...

When we are sick there are certain foods that we should strive to avoid in bringing back the body function to normalcy. Naturally, we should try to avoid doing many daily routines while sick. The body is weak and would want to rest. While resting, your body needs all the help from the food you intake to fight against the cold/flu viruses in your body. We all have a pretty good idea of what we should be eating but what about what we shouldn't be eating??? Here are a few list of foods to avoid when sick.
  1. Raw Food- Among sickness foods that the body cannot digest is raw foods. Cooked food is definitely preferred to raw foods.
  2. Cookies, fries, cream, beef and pork are among fatty foods to avoid when sick. These have hydrogenated and saturated animal fats, which is difficult for the body to digest. Fried food has excess fat that is an immune suppressor.
  3. Tomatoes can cause more problems for acidity. The lycopene in tomatoes aggravates the ailment. (I definitely didn't think this was a no no when you are sick lol)
  4. Cured meats such as bacon. They have nitrates to maintain the microbial safety. The nitrate converts into nitrites and this causes harm to the body. It can trigger growth of cancer cells especially when the body is sick and weak.
  5. Soda and fizz drinks. Soda is a poor source of fluids. It contains sugar, caffeine and flavors.
  6. Dairy- When you are sick, your mucous production is increased, Consumption of dairy products only heightens that production (Snot eeewww) and often upsets your tummy & actually worsen the situation. Cheese can cause constipation, and sometimes milk can cause diarrhea.
  7. Nuts are foods to avoid when the body is sick. Yes, nuts can cause a stomach upset. The oils in these nuts can react in the stomach further aggravating the ailment.
  8. Caffeine (coffee, tea, or chocolate) intake. It is difficult for the digestive system to digest it. I definitely thought tea was good for you but I was told it should be taken in controlled amount, it is advisable that you recover completely to have these foods.
  9. Spicy foods are foods to avoid when sick as they react with the body. Spicy foods can trouble the tummy leading to acidity and tummy upsets.
  10. Sugar can actually slow the action of white bloods cells against bacteria. Opt for a fresh squeezed orange juice to get your sugar fix.
  11. Alcohol- Dehydrates and suppresses your immune system which is already weakened so this is one of those common sense thing I mentioned that when you are sick, uhhh duhhh you should NOT be drinking alcohol...
While recovering from any illness keep a watch on foods to avoid as they may hamper a speedy recovery. Hydrate and continue taking your daily Vit C & B12 (Which is where I slacked off on) to stay on tip top shape with this approaching cold season...

This was definitely me with my nephews in the background asking me for my iphone, ipad and apps...

What are your "Go-to" stay healthy regimen during cold season??
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