Friday, September 6, 2013

TIPS-Y Friday; Tips on how to figure out your undertone

Here are a couple of tips to help you figure out your undertone if you don't know it yet :)

Have you ever worn a piece of gold or silver jewelry and thought you looked better wearing one or the other? well, if the gold looked better on you than the silver you are considered warm undertones and if silver, you are considered cool undertones, looked good on both? luckyyyy (insert nephews voice here lol) you have neutral undertones and can go either way.
This also works just as well when wearing gold shadows or silver shadows

Another way to check is if you burn or tan without sunscreen. People with warm undertones usually tan easily when they don't use sunscreen and people with cool undertones usually burn and hard to tan.

The following photos are applied messily with maybelline's color tattoo cream shadows, on bare skin and carried it all the way down on my undereye so I can see the actual effect of the color on my skin. I am Neutral. I have a yellow undertone and I usually tan when I don't use SPF but I literally have to sit under the sun for 4-5 hours to notice a shade on my skin and I can pull off both silver and gold but favor more silver hues than golds.

Are you warm, cool or neutral?
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