Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beauty in your kitchen....

Did you know that you have an abundance of beautifying ingredients laying around in your kitchen?
Well here's a few to add to your secret beauty DIY's. ***DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ANY OF THE INGREDIENTS***

Recently I have been obsessed with natural beauty DIY's specially with hair growth and I have tried oil infusion, which has worked wonders in growing hair and making super shiny and smooth and then adding Moroccan Oil Mask. And recently, I started adding this jalapeno infused hair stimulant serum, which I will post for TIPS-Y Friday post so yeah, make sure you come back tomorrow;) that's suppose to stimulate your scalp and help with hair regeneration, here's to adding some spice in your hair's life ;)

I already have a pretty strong nails and grows super fast so I don't necessary need a Nail Strengthener DIY but I know some of you may need it so try using fresh Garlic. Mince a clove or two, squeeze to extract juices and use the juice as a pre-base coat (let it dry completely) before you apply any base/polish or for my guys who's too manly for a clear polish ;) just coat your nails for a good 15-20 minutes daily and then rinse off. This should keep your nails from breaking as well as act as a nail hardener.

It's no secret that Lemon juice has sooo many beneficial usage from disinfecting to adding flavor to drinks and meals. Well add Skin Brightening to that list, This fruit has a high Vitamin C content and will help exfoliate skin naturally, perfect for brightening up and even out sun damaged skin or dark elbows and knees. Rub your face (gently), elbows, knees or anywhere you want to lighten up with a slice of lemon twice daily (I usually do it prior to me heading to the gym in the morning so I can rinse it off when I return and incorporate it with my nightly routine)

Another obsession for me is trying to diminish these dark circles that I have acquired from not having enough sleep, stress (we're not going to talk about that) and free radicals encountered on a daily basis. If you have dark circles, you probably have collected just as much concealers as I have :\ But if you're open to trying a natural alternative, try massaging Almond Oil around your eye area every night, Almond oil is rich with brightening and hydrating component. For a great anti-aging and acne fighting cream, blend/puree some fresh almond to a creamy consistency and apply to face/affected area....

For more anti-aging, Oil control and moisturizing mask, Blend a fully ripened plum, almond oil, yogurt (plain) and oats to a paste consistency and apply to face/neck/hands for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse. This mask is packed with Vitamins A, B, C, K, E, Lactic Acid, Lutein, Potassium which are all amazing for anti-aging, acne fighting, hydrating and moisturizing.

Nothing worse than running out of facial scrub....Don't fret, just hit the pantry and grab a teaspoon of Baking Soda, mix it with your cleanser and you are good to go :)

What are your secret Beauty DIY's?
Please comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don't forget to socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ......sharing is beauty-ful :)

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