Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Autumn 2013 Nail Polish Trend...

 So here comes yet another Autumn post :) you really didn't think I was going to do it again huh? Welp, September is here and I hope by this time you have already started coming to terms with the fact that Summer is officially over...well, I hope so does these heat waves we've been having as of late :-/..anyway, digressing...

So during Fall Fashion week a couple of months ago, I've spied with my lil chinky eyes a few colors that I knew would be making a staple on my nails as well as yours. And some of these colors are definitely a Fall come backs as I have used them over and over again in the past. Read down and see which ones you would gravitate to and make it your own Autumn Statement :)

When I saw this color popped up on a few runways, I liked the one at Rebecca Taylor's and Tess Giberson's this past fashion week, I literally gone out to my nearest CVS to pick up not just navy blue multiple shades of blues for accents and what not lol.. I've been known to layer and custom blend my nail polish colors and I think layering a black coat then a lighter royal or cobalt blue will give just enough darkness to vamp up this look.

I was in love with the bold crimson at Tibi and the dark red nail polish seen at Zac Posen's.. It screams sexy vixen! Paired with same hue bold lip color  and you're season ;)

Well regardless of the season, fashion week or not, I just have to have a purple on my collection, just different notes, lighter or pastel purple for the Spring/Summer and darker plums and purples for Autumn/Winter...Not having any is just.....unacceptable.. and I am definitely pleased to see them at Fendi's Milan FW.

 Lately, I have been loving the chocolate notes of the upcoming season down to the "black-alternative" and on nails, they are so yummily delish looking, specially paired with gold, bronze accessories.

All these bold, dark lips and smoldering eyes may be a bit too much, I personally don't think so, but muting it with a nude nail lacquer like the ones seen at Carolina Herrera's might just be that balance you need for Fall :) I personally prefer a matte nude finish but feel free to finish with a clear top coat for extra shine :)

GREYMore shades of Grey ;)....ok digressing...back in focus, One of my favorite designer, Custo barcelona models rocked a gorgeous shade of grey as well as Elie Saab with a concrete grey shade, I think this is becoming the neutral tone to balance a smokey eye and a bold lip color :)

I've always wondered why this color only comes out during halloween, I personally think that this color should be a mainstay every Fall as it just screams Autumn! Way to go Cristian Cota for this color seen on your runway :)

Which colors are you going to be wearing??
 Please comment with your thoughts and responses below or email with any queries, don't forget to socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ......sharing is beauty-ful :)

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