Monday, September 23, 2013

Fitness; Toned Tricep

So I have been having the hardest time toning my arms lately (I hate when I hit a plateau in my workout) so of course in PF manner, I have reached out to one of the best trainer and here are some suggestions that I have tried and seems to have worked and thought it was share-worthy...

Like any other workout/Weight Loss regimen, it all starts in your diet.... You can't spot-reduce fat, but you can shift it with cutting carb intake and amped cardiovascular routine combined with specific bicep & tricep exercises.

Try these exercises below every other day with 15-30 reps each set of 3-4. Do these sets in slowly and keep it controlled. Make sure you give your self a mini breaks with stretches in between sets.

With a Stability ball (advanced) or Step (intermediate). Put yourself in a plank position, with your toes resting on the ball/step. With your hands shoulder-width apart, bend your arms slowly and stop when your elbows are at a 90-degree angle, then straighten back to the starting position. Exhale slowly as you bend your arms.

Lie on your left side with one leg on top of the other, knees slightly bent. Place your right arm on your left shoulder. Press your left palm into the floor to lift your torso, extending your left arm until it is straight. Repeat on the other side, then stretch.
For this tricep kick-back exercise, use a dumbbell (or water bottle). Put your right knee and right hand on a sofa. With the dumbbell in the other hand bring it close to your body, with your upper arm parallel to the floor. Aim to straighten your arm by bending from the elbow, keeping your shoulders still. Squeeze your arm as it straightens. Return your lower arm to the starting position. Exhale slowly, straightening your arms. Stretch the tricep. Now repeat on the other side.
Now try some one-arm push-ups. Rather than full push-ups, bend your knees, and allow them to touch the floor. Perform just like a regular push-up but with one arm at a time. Alternate your arms and do every repetition slowly, exhaling on the effort.
The last exercise might seem easy compared to the others, but your arms will be tired at this stage. Leaning wall push-ups require you to face the wall and extend your arms. With the palms against the wall and shoulder-width apart, keep your feet flat on the floor. The closer you are to the wall, the easier the repetition. Bend the elbows as you bring your face to the wall, then push back to the beginning point.
And that is all folks... I hope these help revive your arms workout and please keep your self hydrated and get those arms toned and instagram-worthy :)

Do you have any additional Arm Toning workout to suggest?
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