Sunday, August 11, 2013

Health & Fitness: Green Smoothie Recipe..

So that week without Sugar was a torture...
Here's the update...
Like I said, I started with eliminating the sweetened creamer from my coffee, and that black coffee is actually not bad as the days went on..
I've always tried to eat fairly sensible (when I'm alone anyway) around family and family outings is when I end up going over board lol..
So, the weekend I started the sugar-free challenge, my brother and cousins had poker night at my house and of course, that came with snacks and Filipino delicacy called fish-ball with a sugar based sauce and here I am dipping in the sauce like it was cool, then my sis reminded me, "Aren't you on a sugar-free diet?" errrr duh... welp, quickly stopped dipping and just ate the fish-ball as is, which was tasty even without the sauce so I was ok. Didn't even drink a drop of alcohol or wine that night so I was quiet proud of my self..
During the week, I made sure I had my green smoothie at least once a day, I've averaged 2-3 smoothies a day whenever I get a sugar craving. I worked out at least 3-4X during the week as well. Both definitely helped with the weight loss.

Here is my main recipe for my green smoothie: Feel free to adjust to your taste. I suggest make a small batch first to start to make sure you acquire the taste prior to making a big batch.

3 leaves/stalk of Chard - can be subbed with spinach, or any other green leafy vegetables just add a bit more than 3 stalks (at least 1/4-1/2 of the bunch) or combine both.
5 large leaves of basil
3 leaves mint
5 passion fruit (if you don't have passion fruit or don't like passion fruit (you should lol), you can sub this with any grainy, fiber fruits or seeds like flax seeds)
1 whole apple
3 ice cubes

Rinse veggies and fruits, core the apple, you can discard the chard's stalk, blend and enjoy :)
Starting Weight: 125
Current Weight: 122 (I guess 3lbs is not bad for 1 week)

What is your go to green smoothie or healthy weight loss recipe?
Please comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don't forget to socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ......sharing is beauty-ful :)  

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