Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beauty Tools and Applicators

Makeup brushes definitely plays an important role for anyone wanting to perfect their makeup application for a more polished look. Not necessarily an essential tool for every step of your makeup routine, but having a basic set gives you an option in creating certain look or texture. However, with millions of brushes out there to choose from, where do you start right?!?! Specially if you are just getting into makeup, the brushes are definitely one of the main products you should invest on. Better quality will not only last you longer, it will also give you a better finish than a low quality ones. I have compiled these photos from my collection as well as strive to explain it's usage and purposes as best as I can. For the sake of not loosing your attention reading this post :), I will be creating a more in depth post of each brushes later but for now let's get to the basic essentials....
You don't necessarily have to use these brushes for it's "politically defined" purpose, meaning I've used blushers as powder brushes or a fluffy shadow brush as a blending brush before but key is using these tools to acquire a more polished looking makeup.
For any queries or if you would like to see a demo of any of these tools, feel free to comment below or message me.

Types of brushes:
Synthetic: Best used for cream products or liquid formula. Liquid Foundation, Cream foundation, Concealer, lip products or mask.
Animal/Natural Hair: This varies in type as well as texture and density, I personally prefer natural synthetic hair but to each it's own.. Best used for dry/powder products as well as liquid.

Foundation brushes
As the name states, it is used to apply liquid, cream, powder or mineral foundation.
These brushes varies from a classic synthetic, taklon fiber which does a quick application but gives a streaking effect where you would need to blend with a sponge, to a stippling brush, provides an airbrushed finish look but not practical when you are pressed for time and then there's the much more dense flat/domed buffing brush, (my preferred method of application) very quick, perfect for "I woke up late" morning preps but might still need a lil help with a sponge to finish the crevices of your face ie; inner corner of eyes and nose.

Concealer Brush
Typically a synthetic , flat brush used to apply cream concealers, ranging from mini-small sized for those small areas a larger foundation brushes can't reach....But...personally, I prefer to apply concealer with my finger and blend it with a dense blending brush but that's another blog coverage lol.. back to brushes...

Powder & Kabuki Brush
Varying in size, they all carry a typical characteristic  being thick and fluffy. Used in dusting a setting powder or pressed powder in your face. Also may be used to blend everything on your face after all creams and powders have been applied. Kabuki serves the same purpose but the difference, they are small enough to carry in your clutch for touch ups.

Fan Brush
Fan brushes also comes in a variety of styles and textures, some large, soft and fluffy, some synthetic and some natural hair. This brush is versatile and may be used to apply blush, setting powder, highlighter, creams, masks, even mascara or simply dust off  fall outs. I personally use the large fluffy one to contour and medium synthetic blend to apply highlighter and the small taklon to apply creams and mascara on the lower lash line.

Angled/Pointed Contour and Blush Brush
These brushes can be used for both contour or blush application, it really more so depends on your preference. Angled brushes are perfect for contouring as it fits the hollows of the cheeks as well as the depths of your face ie; jawline, temple area. Blush brushes are usually a smaller version of a powder brush.

Eyeshadow brush
This brush topic alone can cover a whole new blog in itself....OhEmGeezers...These brushes come in many many different sizes but it's main purpose is to basically deposit eye shadows all over lids and create different textures and looks for a dramatic or natural eye look. They also come in different styles, rounded-angled-flat-domed-fluffy ect... I will categorize these as well as I could...
  • Fluffy dome brush
  • Crease brush
  • Blending brush
  • Flat shadow brush- 
  • Liner brush- Angled, Flat or Pointed brush
  • Smudge brush
  • Spooly/Brush & Comb combo

And that's it folks... I hope I was able to help you find the right brushes for you and don't forget to socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook and sharing is beauty-ful :)


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