Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Date Makeup Guideline

As if going on a first date is not nerve-wrecking enough....gotta figure out what to wear, what perfume, hair up or down...and of course making sure you don't look like a clown and/or scare the guy off with all that makeup on your face...#yikes... So one thing that I always keep in mind when going on a first date, which reminds me I haven't gone in one in a minute smh lol.. my apology, I digress.... Anyway, back to my first date mantra, this is when I apply the "Less Is More" approach, I don't know about you but personally, I would want my "date" to focus on the actual date, not the pile of makeup I have on my face. Then again, To each it's own.
Below are a few tips to consider when deciding on how to put your look together on your first date :)

Let's start with the canvas, I would definitely sans the Cake-y Foundation and opt for either a sheer coverage or tinted moisturizer/BB cream but if you must use foundation, use sparingly and just conceal where needed, allow some "imperfection" to show. Layering a ton of foundation, concealer and powder will only amplify a blemished skin. Guys are usually simple and they know when your skin is not your skin.

 Now on to the one thing I usually focus on when implementing this 1st date look....The EYES, Now, this is where you can go a tad bit more and by that I mean a "smokey neutral" for a dinner date and a "no makeup" makeup look for a lunch/coffee date. Taking the eyes further, here are some guidelines to refer to in accentuating your eye makeup.
If you have Chestnut-Dark Brown Hair, purple, plum, burgundy or metallic brown like bronze, copper or gold colors adds warmth to your look.
The times when I have my hair colored Black, which makes me feel oh idk "vixen-ish" lol I usually play up the darker smokey look with the dark navy's and dark greys and pair it with a nude lips or total opposite and make it a bright lip and def a dark mascara. This might be reserved for the 2nd or 3rd date look though lol...
For my Red Haired beauties, Beige and Greens are probably the best colors I've paired with this hair color and pop it with a light pink blush and nude lips.
Of course I can't neglect my Blonds Dolls, Pink and champagne tones gives your face an innocent angelic look, and warm, pastel tones like dark gold, beige and brown will give you a natural glow.
Another eye tip, sans the Thick Eyeliner. Stick to the basics. Specially in the summer, you would not want the summer heat to put a damper on your date with a raccoon eye.  Too thick, smokey eyeliner can sometimes end up dripping down your face.

Moving on to the rest of the face, I would definitely stay away from Glitter and opt for a little shimmer just above the brows following the tail of the brows starting from the arch, or just above the cheeks as a highlight.

So I love using Fake lashes specially when I am having a girl's night out but.... this is definitely a NO NO on date night, specially on a first date. You want him to see the natural beauty you possess and maybe, just maybe  incorporate it on a "paint the town red" date night instead, if there's a following date ;)

 Lastly, I say NO to Sticky Lip Gloss/Thick Lipstick specially if you plan on kissing, (don't worry I won't judge, we all have had one or two first dates where we tried to justify breaking the "no kissing on a first date" rule but failed miserably lol) keep the lipstick/gloss to a minimum or swap it for a clear or fruity lip gloss instead.

Please keep in mind, the above guidelines are just as such, a "guideline" and should be taken with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, the natural YOU will always come out, if you prefer to wear heavy makeup because it's your norm then by all means, do so. Wear whatever makeup that makes you feel good about yourself. Don't wear something that is not your usual if it's not you, meaning, you probably shouldn't wear a black lipstick just to impress "punk/alternative-seeming" guy or mute your typical cat-eyed look for a more low-key guy...Either way, enjoy your first date ;)

What is your "go to" look when going out on a first date?
Please comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don't forget to socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ......sharing is beauty-ful :)

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