Friday, August 9, 2013

HAIR: Oil Infusion Update....

Diving right in....

I specifically colored my hair (red, which is now looking like a dark brown/dark auburn) top of July to observe the growth of my hair while I am undergoing this oil infusion trial.

I must say I am quiet happy with the results that I have received from this little experiment I have ventured into. It has left my hair healthy, shiny and thickening as well as the growth is ongoing...and I will continue to do this at least twice a week in conjunction with mask and clarifying shampoo every other week.

On this pic, the baby hairs are very prominent and yeah pardon the bun as the roots are umm looking a bit unattractive with this oil trial lol..

My hair color has lost it's redness with the clarifying shampoo in exchange with length and health so I am ok with it. 

 I would say this is about 3/4 of an inch growth for 4 weeks of usage. Now for some, this may be an easy growth and my hair usually grows pretty fast, but this growth I normally don't achieve until about 3 months and definitely NOT as healthy and thick. I usually have to get my hair trimmed for split ends every 3 weeks and I have not had a trim for a couple of months now.
I hope this helped and if you are doing this hair treatment, please post your results as well.
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