Friday, November 8, 2013

TIPS-Y Friday; Blend Blend Blend...

Nothing looks worse than foundation that stops at the chin or neck, or eye shadow that shows clear lines between different shades, Unless that's the look you're going for =\....Use brushes or beauty blender sponge to blend any lines until they disappear and you have a smooth, flawless appearance. If your foundation is "slightly" lighter than your skin tone, warm it up with a bronzer.

Here are some "What NOT to do" for your viewing pleasures =) and YES, even celebrities have their moments too lol....
Foundation is obviously on a cooler tone when she should be opting for a warmer tone and match the rest of her body, specially on a backless dress where it will show obvious mismatched tones.
This can work for some....errr maybe halloween look?!?!?
You would think she would know better being a supermodel and all....
Again, Blend.. Blend.. Blend..
Sooooo I hesitated to add this because I love her, but I had to be fair....yes blend those blush, highlight and contour powders just as well as you would your shadow and foundation for a seamless finish.

Have you ever had any bloopers or what not to do tips to add? Share them below =)
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