Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Contouring and Highlighting...In Depth...

So last week, I posted on my TIPS-Y Friday about contouring and highlighting so here's my promised in depth post regarding the this topic =)

So diving right in... You ever notice that your face looks a little flat after applying foundation/base?
Contouring and Highlighting are two elements that helps a physical dimension transform into a flat image.
These two elements can be manipulated to accentuate facial features you want to accentuate and/or hide. The concept of Contouring decreases spaces and moves backward adding shadow for depth and Highlighting increases space and brings forward accentuating a high point of the face ie; cheeks, brows, bridge of the nose and forehead.
Achieving a contoured look requires a few items and here are some of my faves.
Smashbox Contouring Palette (I think this has been discontinued but you may be able to find it online somewhere)
Makeup Forever Sculpting Kit (Available at Sephora $48.00)
Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit (Available online $8.49)
Another one I have recently picked up on a recommendation is the My Sculpted Face by IT Cosmetics and it has the most amazing finish fit for every skin tone and shade. Available at Ulta for $38.

You may use any products that has brown hues, two or three shades darker than your skin. Find a hue that is matte and noticeably darker than your but not too much that it looks unnatural.
For Highlighting, use two or three shades lighter than your complexion.

For brushes, My "go-to" is a dense fan brush but you may use an angled brush for contouring and a smaller angled brush for the nose area or brow bone.

A Few Tips To Try:  
  • Try cream foundations to use as contour and highlight and finish with a powder for longer lasting look.
  • You don't need to highlight or contour all features, choose which best feature to accentuate and which areas needs toning down. (I personally just contour jaws and cheeks on a day to day but I do go all out when I am going out or attending a special event.
  • Blending and diffusing edges creates a more natural look and avoid that dark harsh line look.
  •  It is better to add on than to remove, apply products little at a time and again...BLEND.

Do you have any contouring and highlighting tips to share?
Comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don't forget to share & socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ......stay beauty-full :)

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