Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Marc Jacobs Beauty.....The review...

Ever since the sneak peek and buzz of this product launch all the way to the premier at a few personally hand picked by Marc Jacobs' Sephora location, it has garnered tons and tons of high expectations from beauty bloggers, gurus, beauty enthusiasts and beauty addicts in general, I mean it's Marc Jacobs for goodness' sake.
So after the highly anticipated launch, I didn't ran out the door to line up at the sephora or anything but I did go and swatched for my skin tone and brought home the Genius Gel Foundation in Deep Beige, which oxidized on me and didn't really last as long as I wanted it to. I have always opted for a more full coverage base and I found this to be of a medium to buildable medium+. Texture is really nice, it has a cooling effect when yo first apply it on your skin and glides on easily using a dense synthetic fiber brush, It's my preferred method of application to get that airbushed finish look. If you have sensitive nose and scent in your foundation bothers you, this foundation does have a sort of perfume scent to it but it does dissipate after the foundation dries on your skin and I don't mind smell so it was ok for me. I do love the fact that it has a pump to avoid product contamination. I mean the packaging on ALL of the line is just soooo luxe and sleek with glossy black and chrome finish.....BUT with a glossy finish, also comes finger prints so cleaning cloths are definitely a must in your vanity :)

Other items that I have definitely fallen inlove with are the Style Eye-Con palettes....OMG I can't even begin to describe how buttery soft and so easy to blend these pigmented shadows are, I am still on the fence with the $59 price tag on it but clearly did not stop me from owning 2 and gifted with 1 for my bday along with a couple of brushes (which will talk about in a few after I rave about this shadow palettes..) I purchased the more colorful palettes which are The Vamp and The Starlet and was gifted the Tease for my bday (I'm sure the name did not influence the purchase, at least I'd like to believe so anyway lol) I didn't pick up the Lolita (the most neutral of the collection) because I feel like I have so many neutral palettes in my arsenal already (Naked & Naked 2, TooFaced ect..) not to mention Naked 3 is coming out and I think I would much rather spend $52 on one of my favorite mid-range brand with 12 pan palette as opposed to 7.

Along with this haul, I had to try the LoveMarc Lip Gel (lipstick) and Lust for Lacquer Gloss, but again with a $30 (lipstick) and $28 (lipgloss) price tag, I only grabbed 2 lip glosses and a lipstick. Which I am glad because I don't think I am that impressed with the lipstick formulation, I much prefer their lip lacquer as I found it to be more opaque and pigmented which is weird usually it's the other way around.

Another thing I was talked into purchasing is the Highliner Gel Crayon, I have been on an eternal search for a liner that can withstand my sensitive, watery eyes and won't let any liner slip and fade on my waterline and the sales adviser swears that this does not move/budge so of course I got it...And it's a FAIL for me, I loved it on the upper and lower lash line but when applied on my waterline, it definitely did not stay...ugh...the search continues...

Ok, the most splurge that I would probably not purchase for my self are the luxe Face and Blush Brushes that were gifted to me for my birthday.... I have a plethora of brushes at different price point ranging from ulta, sephora, mac, sigma and other brands but this have got to be the most expensive brushes I've owned even the couple of chanels that I cherish-I don't remember them costing as much lol, at $48 (Facebrush) and $38 (blush brush) per brush I definitely have never fathomed spending that much on a single brush or maybe buy it on special occasion days lol, we shall see... either way, I'm grateful nonetheless...

Welp, that concludes my Marc Jacobs Beauty review of the items I have in this collection.
Have you tried any of Marc Jacobs Beauty collection? Which ones did you splurge on? Do share :)
Comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don't forget to share & socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ......stay beauty-full :)

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