Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lancôme Dreamtone Update....

It's been a little over a month when I posted my haul of the Lancome Dreamtone and tested it out with my skin care regimen. I have been a long time fan of the brand as it is so it's always exciting to see new launches from this line specially with their skin care.
It was suggested to use the dreamtone twice a day with morning and evening regimen but I have strayed a bit from that and only used it at night and used the Lancome Visionnaire in the day time. I mean I probably would have seen better result with twice a day usage but I am quiet happy with the result it gave me with just using it at night.
Let's talk texture, It is very similar to the Visionnaire texture as well as familiar note on the scent. It has a light, creamy serum texture with pearl particles of some sort.
It did brighten up my skin and evened out my skin tone and I don't really have any problem with elasticity (yet) so I can't really comment on that claim but I would like to think that it has helped my skin retain elasticity to delay the aging process.
I don't know about daring to bare my skin just yet but with continuous usage, I hope by the time 2014 comes around I would be lol..
**Reason I only used this at night is because of the lightening agent that helps with evening out the skin tone, I didn't want to use it in the day time when the sun is hitting my face even with spf and moisturizer on top of it.**

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