Monday, November 11, 2013

A Splurge Worth Every Penny....

I first laid eyes on this gem at Sephora when I was on a hunt for a hydrating lip oil for my sensitive lips for the coming dry, "lip-peeling" Fall/Winter months and was a bit intrigued with the whole packaging.
It's the Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil $42 (C$49) .25oz. This lip oil is so amazingly luxurious for the lips specially when paired with my other lip favorite Tarte Lip Exfoliator, $16 (C$21) .7oz. Let's face it, EOS can only handle so much and during the colder months, my lips has the propensity to require a little more TLC with moisturizing and hydrating product to keep them from chapping so much.
I like to use this at night before bed after I exfoliated with the Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliator as well as to hydrate and moisturize prior to any lipstick or as gloss in the daytime. (You won't need any gloss with the finish this gives)
The Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil has an herbal lavender scent with a hint of mint taste at first swipe but dissipates after a few minutes. Has a thicker texture than you would expect from an oil comparable to a tacky gloss finish but after application and it has a moment to sink into your lips it turns into more of a lip balm consistency but much more glossier finish (not shimmery, which I love)
Now the applicator is interesting, it has an ergonomic design that I absolutely love. It is a pump dispenser that your depress with your index finger giving you full control of how much product you want to dispense as well as prevent product contamination and to top it off, it is 24k gold plated =) Can you say fancy?!?! Yes I thought so too... I also love the cooling sensation that the metal applicator provides upon touching my lip surface.

Overall, I definitely recommend this splurge, yes it is a splurge but sooooo worth it, for those seeking a hydrating, soothing and anti-aging with a glossy finish lip treatment.

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