Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do you apply foundation and then concealer? Or do you apply concealer and then foundation?

This has got to be theeeee most frequently asked question I have received time and time again...And the answer......
-It is YOUR personal preference....Do what works for you

Here's my take on this... Determine how much coverage you would like to have first [sheer, medium, full] then pick your poison or in this case, choose from what type of foundation and concealer you may have in your arsenal and let's get to covering....

If you happen to be blessed with a blemish free skin and just need to even out your skin tone, or just want a sheer coverage, the Concealer and then Foundation Technique, begin with a prepped base with a primer for a smooth finish. Dab concealer on to areas that need a little camouflaging and blend edges seamlessly in to the skin. Then apply foundation very sparingly from the center of the face outwards. Set with a sheer coat of powder mainly on the T-zone.

 For a full coverage or those who needs a little extra camouflaging, the Foundation and then Concealer Technique is for you. Again, begin with a full prepped canvas. Moisturize prior to applying foundation and wait a few minutes for it to sink in, then follow with thin coat of primer. Apply foundation and make sure the foundation has set before applying concealer over it to prevent it from smearing or moving when you apply the concealer. Dab your concealer on to areas that need extra coverage and blend using a tapping motion with your ring finger. This ensures that the concealer doesn’t look cakey once blended. Finish with lightly dusting a setting powder over your face with a Duo fiber brush or press (NOT rub) with a powder puff for a more matte finish.

How do you apply yours? Feel free to add to this techniques via a comment below :) -Blessings! PF
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