Saturday, July 20, 2013

Completely OFF topic but a necessary read....Family

This is where I distinguish my traditional and cultural upbringings vs society driven upbringings...
completely off topic from the blog's "supposed" contents but I felt compelled to share a little insight of my personal life with MY family...

So typically, after a loooong week of hard labor for all the adults in my family, we always strive to  find a way to spend time and connect with the rest of the cousins, brothers, sisters and extended family doing whatever that involves quality time together, whether it's bike riding, fishing, picnic, and 9 times out of 10, it ALWAYS involves a friendly poker game for the guys at the end of the day at somebody's house.

I love and enjoy seeing my cousins but more so seeing my nieces and nephews <3 <3 <3 :) and anyone who knows me, knows that they are MY life and would DO anything and everything that I am physically capable of for them. And I have had my moments of guilt when I catch my self preaching to them about responsibilities and my experience growing up and I have, a couple of times, reached a conclusion that what I have preached may have been going in one ear and out the other and probably sounding like blah blah blah to them (who hasn't gone through it lol, heck I was guilty of that growing up so who am I to think that it doesn't apply to these millennium kids right?!?!?) anyway, I digress..... So tonight, the kids decided to spend the night with auntie ME and the parents were I'm sure thinking, can she (ME) handle all 5 (really?!?!? I know I am the only auntie without a child but ummm I think being the oldest sister of 4 and an auntie to many, I have had plenty of experience in assisting my mom and sis and friends (yeah yeah yeah it's not the same) in raising their children and yes, auntie P loves the kids :) so yeah getting back on track, I preceded to clean the kitchen as it was piled with dishes from the night's dinner and poker game mess, I was NOT expecting to receive any help from the kids as they have been busy with playing games all night and to my oh so surprised delight, without nieces Deanna and Leeza, started helping me with bringing all the dishes from the dining table, living room and putting the trash where it needs to..
I thought to my self, "THEY DO LISTEN!" (insert Santa+M&M candy Christmas commercial here lol) [Proud of my family for raising respectful, obedient, helpful and brats at times nieces and nephews]
Anyhow, what I am trying to relay time and time again is, DO NOT underestimate the power of your child's absorption for knowledge and training. YOU are your child's FIRST teacher and whatever you instill in your child's brain is permanent, They may act like they are NOT listening or may act like a petulant 2 year old at the moment upon receiving the lesson, but believe me, once they have calmed down and have had enough time to digest what you have told them it is there forever, Key is consistency. I for one was raised traditionally, with much leeway ;-) (idk what happened along the way JK) and was constantly preached and taught the value of family, responsibility and respect and have been challenged along the way with a plethora of life experiences, but EVERYTHING that has been instilled in my head since day one has remained and guess what, to this day, I still can't fathom disrespecting my parents in any form and when I have raised my voice at my mom, I feel like a complete *&#^ head and can't rest at night until I somehow make amends and apologize to her for raising an octave higher than normal voice at her and then do ANYTHING she asks me to lol. (don't judge me :-/ you should see my brother when he does it lol) I have yet raise my voice to my dad lol (ummm yeah I would not want that silent treatment lol)
Okay, enough about my family, I want to know yours.

What are your childhood memories/upbringings that you may have/want instilled to your children, nieces, nephews that other parents/aunts/uncles may pick up and teach theirs?

Comment below with your experiences and/or share for others to participate :)

-Blessings, PF

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